Safety is priority one

The Safety of our employees and customers is priority one…..period.

Grid employees are the back bone of the company……without these folks there is no company. Hiring employees with a common-sense and safety minded approach to each task has allowed Grid to build a strong safety foundation. Beyond our internal safety team we also employee a 3rd party safety firm that performs job-site inspections and audits. Utilizing external safety professionals not only complements our own safety program but also brings fresh eyes and ideas to the field, which also helps to combat complacency.

Ignorance of any safe practice shall not be accepted as an excuse negligence or for omission of safe performance.

  • When work is performed within reaching distance of exposed energized parts of equipment, employees shall remove or render non-conductive all exposed conductive articles, such as but not limited to key or watch chains, rings, wrist watches or bands, and neck chains.
  • It shall be the duty of each employee to plan the job assigned. Job planning equips the employee with knowledge of hazards that will be encountered.
  • Employees coming on the job after the work has started shall not be allowed to take part in the work until the supervisor has instructed them on the procedures to follow, what equipment is energized, and what hazards exist.
  • When work is done near exposed live parts, the employee shall ensure that safe distances from live parts are secure. Ropes, barriers, or suitable protective devices shall be used to prevent anything from accidentally making contact with live parts.
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